OllysTV is an online Irish urban music and entertainment platform. It is an outlet for the UK, Irish, and US rap and its various genres, such as UK drill, afroswing, trap, Hip-Hop, and RnB. It also serves electronic genres, including the UK and Irish garage, grime and UK Drill. OllysTV showcases new and upcoming artists from Ireland, the UK, the USA, and Nigeria, offering them a global platform to create their music brand. It streams music videos, interviews, and entertainment news.

About The Creator

OllysTV was formed in 2019 by founder Omotolani Olawale Gazal (Born October 14, 2001) also known as Olly Gazal, The platform was created in order to create a space for Irish, UK, American, and Afro urban artists to showcase themselves and release music.

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