Awesimon makes a bold comeback with new single ‘Mad At Me!’ – A melodic trap record that shines a light on toxic relationships

Awesimon, the Irish/Nigerian recording artist, has made his comeback with his latest single ‘Mad At Me!’ The song features a melodic trap sound and focuses on the ugly aspects of a ‘situationship’. The track delves into how tension and other problems can arise due to a lack of trust and respect within a relationship. Awesimon states that the song is not a reflection of who he is but rather, it’s a relatable experience that many people go through nowadays.

The mixing and mastering of the track were done by Plantain Papi, and Awesimon hopes that his melodic trap record can shine a light on a genre of music that is not appreciated enough within the country.

The song starts off with a catchy hook that goes, “I don’t think n*ggas is ready, Covered in ice imma yeti, Her booty be shaking like jelly, The chains on my neck got too heavy.” The hook sets the tone for the rest of the track, which is all about the lavish lifestyle that Awesimon leads.

In the first verse, Awesimon talks about how he met a girl who wants to be with him. However, she gets mad at him when she sees something she doesn’t like on his phone. The verse shows how Awesimon doesn’t have time for drama in his life and that he’s only interested in having a good time.

The second verse talks about how Awesimon’s relationship is not perfect, and there are ups and downs. The girl he’s with is sweet during the daytime but turns into a freak at night. Awesimon is honest about his hidden fees, and the girl doesn’t seem to mind as long as he makes her happy.

Overall, ‘Mad At Me!’ is an excellent comeback track for Awesimon, and it shows off his versatility as an artist. The song is a testament to his talent, and it’s clear that he’s one of the great artists coming up in Ireland. The mixing and mastering of the track by Plantain Papi are exceptional, and the melodic trap sound is on point. Awesimon’s fans will not be disappointed with this track, and it’s sure to gain him many new fans in the future.

Release date: 05/05/2023


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