Bank of Ireland issues an apology for a technical glitch as services are reinstated.

Bank of Ireland expressed regret following a glitch that resulted in certain customers withdrawing or transferring funds exceeding their account balances.

The bank attributed this to a technical problem with its services, clarifying that it was not the result of a cyber attack.

On Wednesday, Bank of Ireland confirmed the restoration of functionality to its app and online services, assuring customers that any transactions made during the service interruption will reflect in their accounts throughout the day.

Customers who withdrew amounts surpassing their account balances have been notified that this would be treated as an overdraft. The bank has also urged individuals facing financial challenges due to the issue to reach out for assistance.

Following this, significant lines formed at the bank’s ATMs in certain regions of the country on Tuesday, and posts on social media prompted individuals to withdraw money even if their accounts had insufficient funds.

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