Cork man jailed for seven years for rape of his sister

John Paul Hegarty was jailed for seven years for raping his youngest sister Nora Hegarty over a three-year period in the 1990s

A 41-year-old Cork man has been imprisoned for quite some time for assaulting his most youthful sister north of a long term period during the 1990s.

Nora Hegarty, who is presently 35, was matured somewhere in the range of nine and 12 at the hour of the assaults and rapes, which occurred at the family home at Upper Glanmire in Co Cork.

Her sibling John Paul Hegarty was matured from 15 to 18 years.

John Paul Hegarty, with a location at Castleview, Little Island, had denied all charges however was observed blameworthy on 24 charges of assault and rape by a jury last October at the Central Criminal Court sitting in Cork.

In her casualty sway explanation, Ms Hegarty, who was the most youthful of eight kids let the court know that she was a youngster who was assaulted and physically mishandled by her sibling, John Paul.

“I did nothing out of sorts except for all through my life I felt it was me who was off-base.

“I was not going to be hushed any longer. I expected to do this for me and that young lady who was hushed for a really long time.”

During the preliminary, Ms Hegarty let the court know that whatever the quantity of assault charges on the arraignment, she was assaulted by her sibling practically consistently for a very long time.

Nora Hegarty told the court she wished to waive her anonymity so that her brother could be named

“I cannot even remember the first time, it was so many times. I was so programmed to do it. It was a normal thing I had to do all the time,” she said.

Today, Ms Justice Deirdre Murphy sentenced John Paul Hegarty to eight years in prison on all the charges of rape, and three years for the sexual assaults with both sentences to run concurrently.

She suspended the final year of the sentence to reflect that he had led a crime-free life since these offences, and bound him to keep the peace for 12 months following his release.

Ms Hegarty told the court that she wished to waive her anonymity so that her brother could be named.

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