Coronavirus: Further 16,986 cases, with 804 in medical clinic

The Department of Health has been told of a further 16,986 instances of Covid-19.

The quantity of individuals with Covid-19 in emergency clinics has ascended to 804, an increment of 87 contrasted with a similar time the previous morning.

This day last week there were 461 individuals in clinic with Covid-19.

The quantity of individuals in concentrated consideration units with Covid-19 has ascended by six since yesterday, with 93 patients getting care in ICUs around the country.

The quantity of patients in ICU has remained somewhat steady. There were 91 individuals in escalated care units with Covid-19 on this day last week.

The General Secretary of the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organization has depicted the circumstance with stuffed clinics and staff missing because of Covid as the “amazing coincidence”.

Talking on RTÉ’s News At One program, Phil Ní Sheaghdha said the staffing circumstance in medical clinics was “extremely, extended, undeniably challenging, and, as anticipated during this season, is dependably exceptionally occupied in our intense medical clinics”.

She said that streetcar include figures in the weeks paving the way to Christmas showed that a few emergency clinics were routinely stuffed.

“You join that with staff themselves becoming contaminated, and being missing clearly in light of the fact that they’re sick, and you have the amazing coincidence, so this is sadly, the circumstance we end up in notwithstanding us having said to the HSE and the Department of Health for various weeks that we needed to ensure that there was more assistance for the intense medical clinics right now in January.”

She said that there is a higher frequency of nonappearance in ICUs and that undeniably, extremely debilitated patients are being breast fed on wards since ICUs are feeling the squeeze.

Ms Ní Sheaghdha depicted the present circumstance as “exceptionally close and incredibly, genuine right now”.

Elective consideration should be dropped across all clinic gatherings and crisis care focused on, she demanded.

The Health Service Executive yesterday cautioned it expects more clinics should diminish insignificant work before very long, due to the large number of staff nonappearances because of Covid-19.

HSE Chief Operations Officer Anne O’Connor said they anticipate that the staffing situation should deteriorate before long and that it isn’t clear when the circumstance will top.

She said in the Mater Hospital in Dublin there were 400 staff out, 250 of whom are Covid-positive and that has prompted the abridgement of work and the wiping out of all leave.

“There’s around 10% of staff out and that is of significant worry to us in one of our enormous model four emergency clinics,” Ms O’Connor said.

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