Decreased enrollment for nursing and medicine courses
in 2023, according to CAO

According to statistics from the Central Applications Office (CAO), fewer Leaving Cert pupils are now applying to study medicine and nursing.

Technology, law, business, and engineering courses have become more and more well-liked.

According to The Irish Times, the CAO has received almost over 78,000 applications, which is roughly the same number as previous year.

While applications from the EU and beyond the EU are increasing by 17%, those from the North 13% and Britain 3% have continued to decline.

A thorough analysis of the applications for this year reveals that numerous health-related courses, including medicine -11% and nursing -10%, are declining this year. However, the fields of pharmacy +10% and physiotherapy +1% have defied the trend.

The field of veterinary medicine, which has recently attracted many applicants, saw one of the largest drop by 20%.

Social sciences -7% and biological and allied sciences -4% also saw declines, along with languages -10% and the environment -15%, which both saw notable drops.

Among of the industries that had the most increase were agriculture +18%, law and architecture +6%. Business, engineering and journalism +4%.

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