Irish American Football Athletes, Olawale Gazal and Kevin Mayo Earn Academic Scholarship To The United States

Bettystown and Tallaght based players, Olawale and Kevin, members of the South Dublin Panthers football team, they are the first black Irishmen to have ever been awarded a full scholarship to play American college football in the states

Kevin and Olawale

Former South Dublin footballers, Olawale Gazal and Kevin mayo have played their first American college football game for  North Park. Olawale & Kevin are the first Black Irishmen to ever awarded a full scholarship to play American college football. Olawale plays Defensive Tackle and Kevin Mayo plays Defensive End.

These college athletes, Olawale and Kevin that have earned a North Park University Academic scholarship and have attended North Park University in August 2021. They are the 1st pair to make it to the NCCA Sport system from their local team to the states.

Olawale Gazal

Kevin Mayo

The native players of county Meath and Dublin have attended the South Dublin Panthers for less than 3 years experience. Olawale began his career in 2020 and Kevin started his career in 2019 with only little experience meanwhile being able to get recruited on a football team.

Kevin played Rugby for one year at National college of Ireland (NCI), during lockdown in 2020 they both continued to hone their Defensive skills during the Covid-19 pandemic by Dline drills and conditioning back home on the football field.


Olawale Gazal:

Kevin Mayo:

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