Miriam Burns death in Co. Kerry last year has led to the arrest of a man.

In Killarney, a woman in her 70s was discovered deceased in questionable circumstances.

Last August, Miriam Burns deceased body was discovered at her Killarney residence.

A man has been placed under arrest by Garda investigators looking into the death of Miriam Burns in Co. Kerry last year.

In August 15, 2022, Mrs. Burns (75), a grandmother and mother of four, was discovered dead in her Killarney house on the Ardshanavooly housing estate after a worried relative in another country got in touch with local authorities.

Gardaí were called, the area was blocked off, and Mrs. Burn’s body was sent to University Hospital Kerry for a postmortem.

For operational considerations, the Gardaí did not release the postmortem findings, but it is believed that they established that Ms. Burns had died violently.

On Wednesday morning in Cork’s northside, a man in his 50s was detained in relation to her passing. He was brought to the Mayfield Garda station, where he is being kept in accordance with Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act 1984, which permits suspects to be detained for up to 24 hours.

The body of Mrs. Burns was discovered after many days during which the Gardaí believe she was attacked in her house. Since there were no visible traces of a break-in at her home, it is also possible that she knew her killer and invited them inside.

During a memorial service held at St Mary’s Cathedral in Killarney last year, Mrs. Burn’s daughter Sharon described her as a glamorous woman who was also a “force of nature.” According to Sharon, her mother was known as the “beautiful smiling lady on the bike” in the community.

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