New €320 million runway to open at Dublin Airport

Following a six-year effort, Dublin Airport is set to unveil its new €320 million runway later today.

The airport’s operator, DAA, predicted that the new 3.1 kilometre runway will increase annual passenger numbers exceeding the present 30 million, while also boosting the Irish economy.

According to DAA’s Graeme McQueen, he spoke with Newstalk and said “We can add more flights, we can add more destinations, it makes us more appealing as a destination”

“We’re fighting on a daily basis with airports all around the world to bring routes and services into Dublin, into Ireland, if they don’t go to Dublin, they will go elsewhere in Europe.

“It’s an exciting day for Dublin Airport and a really exciting day for Ireland as well”.

The runway’s opening follows the Aircraft Noise Competent Authority’s (ANCA) last week favorable recommendation for the DAA’s planned improvements to the runway’s 2007 planning approval to increase its operating hours to between 6am to 12am.

The ANCA additionally suggested that eligible homes close to the airport take advantage of a voluntary residential grant program from the DAA for €20,000 to help cover the cost of noise insulation measures.

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