Ollys TV: The Rising Platform for Irish Music

For those who may not be familiar with the Irish music scene, there are three major platforms that host the best that the Irish has to offer: Dearfach TV, New Eire Tv and Ollys TV. In total, they boast over 8 thousand subscribers on Youtube, approximately 17 thousand followers on Instagram and over 500 thousand total channel views. The final candidate is the focus for this article and People will delve into the reasons why they predict Ollys TV to become the largest Irish based music platform.

The Record Plaque

This is an excellent way of celebrating the achievements of artists. The way it works is that when an artist surpasses 1 million views they receive a gold plaque. If they progress to surpass 10 million views they receive a larger platinum plaque. Then Ollys TV has an annual award, The I.B.A Awards (Ireland’s Best Artists Award)
Irish media platform OllysTV Presents Artists an
annual music award honoring achievements in music. This has reinforced the movement to Ollys TV as artists try to get their hands on these prizes plaques and Trophies.

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