“Power Book II” Actor, Gianni Paolo, Speaks Out About Joseph Sikora Ignoring Him On Stage

The “Power” franchise has become one of the most popular shows on television. What originally started in 2014 and lasted nearly six years has now evolved into three different series. “Power Book II: Ghost,” “Power Book III: Raising Kanan,” and “Power Book IV: Force” may all be focused on different backgrounds, but they have still managed to keep viewers engaged.

While all of the actors work for the same network, it seem like they don’t all share the same bond. Earlier today (August 28), Gianni Paolo, who played the role of Brayden, Tariq’s roommate, shared a video on Tik Tok of an encounter he had with a cast member. The clip showed him attempting to dap up Joseph Sikora, better known as Tommy Egan.

Although his hand was out, Sikora did not shake it. Instead, he looked at it and turned around. Paolo responded to the video by recording himself saying, “You pressed? I would be too.” Aside from this, he wrote in the caption, “some ppl just insecure [shrugging and crying emoji.]”@giannivpaolo#stitch with @Chelsea Tristan ♬ original sound – Gianni Paolo

The 26-year-old also took to the comments to further rant about the incident. “[I’ve] shown nothing but love for the ppl before me,” he stated. A fan wrote that although she respected him for being mature about the situation, she would have acted out of character. This prompted Paolo to respond with, “I respect 50 way too much to do that.”

The Rhode Island native also liked comments that people left regarding the matter, one of which that read, “[On my mama,] that’ll be the last time I ever try to speak to cuz… that’s def a violation… very opp-ish behavior.”

While many believe there might be some conflict between the two, others feel that it’s merely promotion. After all, Paolo and Michael Rainey Jr., who played Tariq, do have a podcast called The Crew Has It, where they interview their cast mates.

Check out everything below and let us know what you think.

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