The Laytown rapper, describes the track as “My thoughts are to build up my name in the Irish scene and in the near future build my name international for people recognising me from my work. My target for this year with uploading this song is to work on my own YouTube channel and grow it to a higher fan base and get the Irish music recognised worldwide.”

Aliogo moved to Ireland from Nigeria 18 months ago and has since immersed himself in the Irish rap scene. He’s produced a number of singles, including RiRi, Paigons and his latest release is his freesyle

“My long term goals in the music industry is to make my hobbie into passage income to take care off myself, family and my friends. I am working on my music and my content to get better where I get a strong fan base and real recognition for me to sing on (Next up, hoods hottest, fire in the booth, Plugged in, daily supply)”

Listen to the A5’s ‘Freestyle’ and watch the music video above.

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