Revolut giving away ‘free money’ and everyone with the app can get it

Revolut is giving away “free money” to users who watch two short videos which last around one minute each.

Those with the app will be given €11.50 worth of crypto after watching the videos and completing two short quizzes afterwards.

Once the crypto is in the user’s wallet, it can be easily exchanged back into euro.

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To find the all important videos, users can simply go into their Revolut app, click on the Crypto tab and scroll down to the Learn section.

Users must then click on ‘See All’ and click on the name of the course they wish to complete.

Once account holders have earned the coins, they can click on the name of the coin in the Investments category and press the Sell button.

Then simply enter the number of coins being sold, and the €11.50 is all yours.

Taking to Reddit to share the good news one user wrote: “Nice one, for anyone wondering this works and takes less than 5 minutes”.

A second said: “Better return than an hour on minimum wage, lol”.

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