Roddy Ricch Goes Off Responding to Accusations That He’s False Flagging

Roddy Ricch appears to have one of the more settled attitudes in the rap game, yet during a new Clubhouse discussion, he occupied with a verbal argument about his road validity in the wake of being blamed for “bogus hailing.”

The previous evening (Jan. 10), Roddy bounced on the voice-just application with hip-jump administrator and music leader Wack 100, who additionally has pack ties, to address claims made by a Compton Crip named Yah-L, who is asserting that Roddy is distorting his Crip posse affiliations.

Yah-L then, at that point, said, “Nigga. Three seconds, my nigga, is certifiably not a put-on, brother.”

“Okay, champ,” Roddy said. “Three niggas, put two of them down. That ain’t official? Because I know homeboys that ain’t get their authority, nigga.”

By then, Roddy’s manner of speaking raised to where Yah-L encouraged the rapper to bring down his volume. To this, Roddy reacted, “Screw all that.”

The Live Life Fast rhymer proceeded to inquire as to whether he’s consistently contacted $1 million. Roddy, who was making a specific point with the million dollar notice, got pushback from Yah-L once the subject of cash was brought into the discussion.

“You at any point contacted $1 million?” Roddy asked. “It’s a straightforward inquiry. You can decay to reply, yes or no. Have you at any point contacted $1 million?”

“Is you from Park Village?” Yah-L asked, diverting from Roddy’s inquiry. Park Village is possible alluding to the Park Village Compton Crips, established in the rapper’s old neighborhood of Compton.

Roddy emphasized his inquiry, let the man know that he was “discussing one more nigga for nothing.”

The Billboard-graphing craftsman proceeded to rundown of names of companions, apparently a portion of his day-ones, consoling that he’s stayed strong of them, helps monetarily with their legitimate requirements and hasn’t left them by the wayside.

“Stop it,” Roddy shouted. “You don’t have the foggiest idea what it seems like to be in the present circumstance. So until you know what this feels like, you can’t chat on absolutely no part of this crap, brother. You playing web games on some shit…I don’t have a clue how to utilize this Clubhouse poop. I needed to call Wack four, five times. He calling me. You 30, 40 years of age utilizing this application. Nigga, I’m 23. I don’t have the foggiest idea how to utilize this poop, nigga.”

Roddy added, “‘Cause I’m here attempting to make [the] Forbes [list] once more, man. Also the thing would you say you are discussing? You a nigga from the hood, destroying another nigga that is attempting to help different niggas in the hood that you…you don’t not know anything about this business. That is the thing that I’m attempting to get you to comprehend, my nigga. You can’t talk on nothing you don’t know poop about.”

Yah-L recovered the floor, after Wack 100 interceded, and upbraided his immediate affiliations with the names of the people that Roddy had dropped before in the discussion.

Roddy proceeded to say, “You saying I done got on up to this point, I’m bogus hailing. Nigga, I got put on my hood and I was around there each video until [Please Excuse Me for Being] Antisocial was in the hood. The name, Julie Greenwald, called us and let us know we doing a lot in Compton. Nigga, we need to proceed to do recordings wherever else, nigga. That is the thing that occurred, nigga.”

“Cap, brother,” Yah-L told Roddy Ricch. “That is cap. Niggas know what the arrangement is, brother.”

Roddy then, at that point, demanded the man inquire as to whether he was being honest with regards to his name—Atlantic Records—constraining him to shoot his recordings somewhere else, to which Wack 100 concurred.

“We ain’t talking ‘session no muthafuckin’ industry crap,” the man shot back. “We discussing genuine road poop, my nigga.”

“Man, tune in,” Roddy expressed. “I done made $20 million in a year and you believe I’m going to be posted up with you, nigga?”

The discussion later returned to Roddy getting “put-on,” apparently with the Crips, yet Yah-L multiplied down on reviling Roddy’s road believability and group affiliations, saying that he isn’t “counting a three-second put-on.”

Wack 100 took the mic to address the two men and said, “It’s up there. You saying he bogus hailing. Things being what they are, did the nigga get put-on or isn’t that right? He said he got put-on.”

“That is on the dead homeboys,” Yah-L replied. “I ain’t counting no three-second put-on, my nigga. Assuming niggas acknowledge that, niggas acknowledge that. What will be will be.”

Roddy finished off his contention, saying, “Assuming I’m bogus hailing, you a bogus Crip because you just let a bogus Crip do all them recordings in yo hood, pull a ‘Rari back up after I had $10-$20 million in yo hood, didn’t say nothin’.”

Roddy Ricch, who dropped his Live Life Fast collection last month and declared that he’ll convey Feed Tha Streets 3 this year, the passed on the discussion to mind after his child.

Look at the this way and that between Roddy Ricch and Yah-L beneath.

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