But He Wouldn’t Ko Him!!!

Ryan Garcia tells The Media that Jake Paul would probably get “beat up” by Floyd Mayweather if the two ever got in the ring … but he did put at least some respect on the YouTuber-turned-boxer’s game — saying he believes the tilt would at least go the distance.

A potential Paul vs. Mayweather fight appears to be in the works … after the guys got into a heated back-and-forth outside of the Miami Heat game on Wednesday night.

So, when we got Garcia out promoting his upcoming match with Gervonta Davis out in LA this week — we had to ask … who’d win if the fight went down?

Garcia made it clear that despite his friendship with Jake, his money is on Floyd … “but, guess what,” he said, “Jake won’t get knocked out.”

His explanation for why was simple … Mayweather couldn’t KO Jake’s big bro, Logan, in their exhibition match back in June 2021 — and he obviously believes Jake’s a better fighter.

As for the meetup in the streets this week … Garcia called out Floyd for it all, saying it wasn’t “right” to confront Paul with a huge entourage.

But, Garcia told us he isn’t too worried about that matchup … saying his focus is solely on Davis — who he’ll take on next month after years of smack talk.

Both guys predicted a knockout victory — with Tank telling us at the event he thinks his win will come in the seventh or eighth round.

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