Following the release of ‘Irish Girls (freestyle)’ earlier this year, drill sergeant Sello is back ahead of the release of his anticipated mixtape SellóTape. Named after a famous former sex worker (who’s now a TikTok star and legend in her own right), the rapid-fire rhymes on ‘Mia Khalifa’ are sure to gain attention.

The mixtape includes features appearances from Robbie G, Reggie, JRILLA , Offica and Evans Junior and was produced by Max Crowley. “I feel this tape is something I’m super proud of and I’m happy I’m being real to myself,” he says. “I feel like this will change the way Irish music is taken in and also will encourage people to be authentic to themselves and their music. This could be a life changer for me.”

Selló speaks directly to and on behalf of a generation, that with every lyric he aims to inspire his audience to do better and work harder. Celebrating Black Irish with his relatable and sharp lyrics, weaved with Gaeilge, Celtic beats and using legendary samples from the likes of Sinead O’Connor and Radie Peat. Known for his thick Dublin accent, storytelling and infectiously simple choruses – Selló has a genre defying talent representing youth culture in Ireland.

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