Selló remains a proud representative of his nation, as evidenced by the release of his latest video for ‘Irish X2’

Selló has once again caught the attention of his fans with the release of his latest music video for ‘Irish X2’, following the success of his St Patrick’s Day single. The Irish rapper has taken a unique approach in the creation of the video, which was directed by OVIE and posted on the well-known UK rap platform GRM Daily’s YouTube channel.

Selló revealed in an Instagram post that the inspiration for the single came from his experiences after performing in the Netherlands, where he attempted to explain to people he met that he can be “Irish and Black at the same time”. He went on to explain that just as there are Black British and Black French, there are also Black Irish people. The conversations he had with other individuals during this time inspired the lyrics of the track.

The single ‘Irish X2’ is Selló’s first solo music release since the critically acclaimed SellóTape mixtape, which was launched back in October of last year. The track features a sample of Lisa O’Neill and Radie Peat’s rendition of the traditional folk song ‘The Factory Girl’, which was included in Lisa’s 2018 album ‘Heard a Long Gone Song’. The music video showcases Selló’s unique approach to rap music, which he refers to as Gaelic Drill, and has been praised for its creativity and uniqueness.

Selló’s collaboration with producer AyoMax on SellóTape received widespread acclaim, as they utilized samples from popular Irish songs to create something entirely new. The mixtape included Sinéad O’Connor’s ‘Paddy’s Lament’, Radie Peat’s ‘Dark Horse On The Wind’, and Mary Kate McDonagh’s ‘The Tri-Coloured House’. In an interview with Hot Press, Selló shared his thoughts on the success of Gaelic Drill, stating that “We’re creating something that’s never been seen before.”

Overall, Selló’s latest music video for ‘Irish X2’ is a testament to his unique approach to rap music and his ability to incorporate traditional Irish elements into his music. His willingness to address issues of race and identity in his music has been well-received by his fans and has helped to elevate him to new heights within the music industry.

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